Call for Proposals

Partner: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network

Re: Traumatic brain injury in the workplace: Innovations for prevention

Date: August, 2015

Description of the work:

We are looking to collaborate with a creative, socially-minded animator or animation company with an interest in social change.   As a group of clinical and health services researchers, we are looking to use animation as a form of ‘knowledge translation’ which will help make our research on work-related traumatic brain injury accessible to members of the community.

We have two complimentary animation projects.  One is immediate: a 2-3 minute information/’explainer’ animation about traumatic brain injury/concussion geared towards adults and the work place (as opposed to sport or children).  The second is a longer-term project: we are looking to make a series of short animation vignettes based on the experiences of individuals who experienced a brain injury at work.  Likely, this second project will be more nuanced and artful than the first.  For the time being, we’re focusing on the Explainer Video, but there is the possibility to collaborate on the Vignettes in the future.

Who you are:

We are looking for someone who is an exceptional animator, with the ability to work in a cross-disciplinary team.  Additionally, you must be attentive to the needs of people with disabilities and accessibility standards.

Who we are:

You will be collaborating with a team of international leaders in brain injury research at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network, and arts-based knowledge translation specialist, Julia Gray.

The Traumatic brain injury in the workplace: Innovations for prevention research study will improve our understanding of occupational brain injury, and inform future initiatives designed to improve workplace safety by helping prevent work-related brain injury. Please visit the Acquired Brain Injury Research Lab website for more details:

Julia Gray is a writer, theatre director and arts-based researcher in health.  She has collaborated with health and social scientists for 10 years and has developed several artistic projects based on research as a way to engage members of the community.  Julia is currently collaborating with the research team to develop the explainer video script and is spearheading the coordination of the project.

What we need:

Please submit a quote for the 2-3 minute explainer video ONLY, including details about process (e.g. script consultation/feedback, sketches, story board, animation, voiceover/sound/music) and costs.  Please also submit a short biography, 2 references and a link to portfolio.  Please make submissions by October 9, 2015 at 5pm to Julia Gray at

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