— Dialysis Project – “Fit for Dialysis”

Possible Arts is currently working with Dr Pia Kontos, of Toronto Rehab, and Dr Gary Naglie, of Toronto Rehab and University Health Network (UHN), on a creative project about Hemodialysis.  Other researchers on the project are Dr Vanita Jassal, of UHN, and Dr Dina Brooks, of University of Toronto.  Research shows that physical activity during dialysis has an incredibly positive impact on improved quality of life for patients, however (and there’s always a ‘but’ with these things) it is very rarely promoted to patients and family caregivers by the medical community.

The reasons why are complex and varied, from health care providers being overworked, lack of time, limited space, leadership falling short, limited money, focus of health care providers on keeping patients alive, transportation issues, the list goes on – and, I believe, it’s a reflection on exercise’s place within the larger culture.

Pia and Gary turned to the arts to dig into some of the grey areas with this complex issue.  We’re in the throws of creating a dynamic short film to shed light on the situation.  Final edits are being done – stay tuned to see when the film will be launched!


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