Dialysis Project – “Fit for Dialysis”

Fit for Dialysis is a research-informed film that aims to expose the facilitators and barriers to exercise for wellness for older dialysis patients.

(**In these photos: Jack Berke, Joyce Ballantyne, Mark Huisman, Lisa Karen Cox. Photography: Scarlett O’Neill)

Research shows that physical activity during dialysis has an incredibly positive impact on improved quality of life for patients, however it is very rarely promoted to patients and family caregivers by the medical professionals.  This film aimed to shed light on why.

The research team for the project included: Dr. Pia Kontos, Dr. Gary Naglie, Dr. Vanita Jassal, and Dr. Dina Brooks.

We worked with an amazing film production team, Claire Muir and Mark Huisman of Marchlight Films – their patience, diligence and creativity brought ‘Fit for Dialysis’ to the next level.

And I also had the honour of working with some truly exceptional actors: Jack Berke, Patricia Garnett-Smith, Alan K Sapp, Megan Dennis, Lisa Karen Cox, Caroline Azar, Joyce Ballantyne, Neil Naft and nisha ahuja.

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