Peer-reviewed publications

Gray, J., Baer, P. and Goldstein, T. (2015) Shaping Research-informed theatre: working beyond an aesthetic of objectivity. UNESCO Observatory Multi-Disciplinary Journal in the Arts, Special Issue on Critical Approaches to Arts Based Research 5(1), 1-29.

Gray, J., Kontos, P. (2015) Immersion, imagination and embodiment: moving beyond an aesthetic of objectivity in research-informed performance in health [31 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research 16(2), Art. 29.

Goldstein, T., Gray, J., Salisbury, J. and Snell, P. (2014) When Qualitative Research Meets Theatre: The Complexities of Performed Ethnography and Research-Informed Theatre Project Design. Qualitative Inquiry. First published on February 7, 2014 as doi:10.1177/1077800413513738

Agnihotri, S., Gray, J., Colantonio, A., Polatajko, H., Cameron, D., Wiseman-Hakes, K., Rumney, P., Keightley, M. (2012) Arts-based social skills interventions for adolescents with childhood brain disorder: Two case studies, Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 15(4) , 284-297. doi:10.3109/17518423.2012.673178

Mitchell, G., Tregunno, D., Gray, J., Ginsburg, L. (2011) Examining Patterns of Patient Safety Culture:  A Complexity and Arts-Informed Inquiry, Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 24(4), 65-77.

Gray, J, Agnihotri, S, James, J, Morin, S, Colantonio, A and Keightley, M (2011) An arts-based approach to co-facilitation of a theatre program for teenagers with acquired brain injury. Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 2(3), 221-235, doi: 10.1386/jaah.2.3.221_1

Gray, J. (2009) Theatrical Reflections of Health: physically impacting health research. Applied Theatre Researcher/IDEA Journal. 10(4) 10 pages.

Colantonio, A, Kontos, P, Gilbert, J, Rossiter, K, Gray, J, Keightley, M. (2008)  Research-based Theater for Knowledge Transfer. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 28(3), 180-185.

Rossiter, K, Gray, J, Kontos, P, Keightley, M, Colantonio, A, Gilbert, J. (2008) From Page to Stage: Dramaturgy and the Art of Interdisciplinary Translation.  Journal of Health Psychology, Special Issue: Health Psychology and the Arts. 13(2), 277-286.

Rossiter, K, Kontos, P, Colantonio, A, Gilbert, J, Gray, J, Keightley, M. (2008) Staging Data: Theatre as a tool for analysis and knowledge transfer in health research. Social Science and Medicine, 66, 130-143.

Colantonio, A, Kontos, P, Rossiter, K, Gilbert, J, Gray, J, Keightley, M. (2007) After the Crash: A Research-based Theatre Approach for Knowledge Translation on Traumatic Brain Injury. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 21-6.

Edited Books

Gray, J. (Anticipated Release – Fall 2016) ReView: an anthology of plays committed to social justice. Sense Publishers.

Published Plays

Gray, J, Rossiter, K., Colantonio, A., Kontos, P., Gilbert, J., Keightley, M., James, S., Machin Gale, S., Nacos, M., Prince, M. (2011) After the Crash: a play about brain injury.  Canadian Theatre Review, 146, 66-86.

Chapters in Books                                 

Gray, J. & Mitchell, G. (In Press) Considering Aesthetics: bringing new awareness to patient safety culture in hospitals. G. Belliveau and G. Lea (Eds) Research-based theatre as methodology: An artistic approach to research (working title), Bristol, UK: Intellect

Gray, J. (2014) Between research and performance: interpreting art out of data. R. Ewing and A. Cole (Eds.) Performing Scholartistry, Halifax, NS: Backalong Books, 8-26.

Blogs and other Social Media

Gray, J.   (2014) Let’s Play! Considering the arts as ways of mobilizing knowledge. Institute for Knowledge Mobilization Blog. Published on-line on April 29, 2014

Editorial Experience                             

2014      Associate Editor – Art/Research International.  Housed at University of Alberta.  Editors in Chief: Diane Conrad and Patricia Leavy. Estimated journal launch date: Summer 2015.


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