I offer consulting to organizations and communities looking to better understand their values and commitments, and to support learning and/or make change.

My clients trust me to work collaboratively and inclusively. I am friendly and approachable, and I want to do what is best for you and your community.

What I offer:

  • I conduct research for organizations and groups such as program reviews, environmental scans, longitudinal qualitative research and case studies to better understand organizational and community values, interests and change needs.
  • I co-design conversations and programs to support people’s learning and enact change, sometimes known as ‘learning design’. These conversations can take many forms, but have included workshops, art programs (such as plays and films), publications, websites, events such as speaker series, among others.
  • I engage in work through an “intersectional lens” to better support your organization.  By “intersectional,” I mean I think about how various social categories (race, gender, disability, age, etc) come together to advantage or disadvantage certain groups of people.